1. Cycle map stop frame animation

  2. Bus Driver Appreciation Day stop frame animation

  3. West New Network GIF

  4. West New Network GIF

  5. Custom Campaign Pages: Auckland Parking Discussion

    Here is an example of a responsive campaign page I designed for the Auckland Parking Discussion run by Auckland Transport to raise awareness on the city consultation.

    Auckland Parking Discussion

  6. Custom Campaign Pages: Sober Driver

    I designed the Sober Driver campaign web page run by Auckland Transport using custom CSS and it's responsive on different devices.

    Sober Driver campaign
  7. Custom Campaign Pages: Safe intersections

    Here is an example of a campaign page I designed Sober Driver campaign run by Auckland Transport. The page was built using custom CSS and is responsive on different devices.

    Safe intersections campaign for Auckland Transport

  8. Newsletter Graphics

    Here is an example of a graphic I designed for an external newsletter to the Rock FM database encouraging listeners to rate the music played on The Rock FM for a chance to win.

    The Rock Music Lab

  9. Custom Branded Pages

    A custom page I designed with my manager for the album launch of Beyonce "4" where users could listen to the entire album online at Mai FM.

    Beyonce album page

  10. Custom Branded Pages

    Here is an example of a custom page I designed for The Rock website for a concert we were presenting with Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails.

    Queens Of The Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails live in New Zealand
  11. Online Banners

    Banners I designed for The Rock, The Edge, Mai FM & SWG.

    Mai FM image rotator The Rock: Wind Up Your Wife email signature The Edge Client-Sponsored Mailout Header Saltwater GIRL banner Saltwater GIRL banner